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Update for Named and Designated Professionals

9th June 2022

Virtual Conference


Child Protection Update is a workshop aimed at level 3 of Safeguarding children and young people: roles and competences for health care staff- INTERCOLLEGIATE DOCUMENT Fourth edition: January 2019.


"To protect children and young people from harm, and help improve their wellbeing, all healthcare staff must have the competences to recognise child maltreatment, opportunities to improve childhood wellbeing, and to take effective action as appropriate to their role."


Safeguarding Children and Young People: Roles and competencies for healthcare staff (January 2019)


Topics Covered:

- NHSE PROGRESS: Safeguarding in new structures including Integrated Care Boards and Integrated Care Partnerships

- FGM update; virginity testing and hymenoplasty

- Lighthouse service with case example

- Development and progress of Safeguarding Partnerships

- Case Reviews in Transition

- The Move to CSPRs & Rapid Reviews – what are we learning and how different are the processes?


*Speakers Include

- Kenny Gibson, Deputy Director – NHS Safeguarding

- Deborah Hodes

- Helen Adams, Office for Health Improvement & Disparities, Multi-Agency Child Safeguarding Reform Health Facilitator

- Briony Ladbury

- Malcolm Ward, Independent Social Worker & Child Protection Advisor


Who should attend?

This conference is for all health professionals who work with children and their carers. It will be of particular interest to paediatricians, child psychologists, child psychiatrists, children’s nurses, health visitors, school nurses, allied health professionals, sexual health staff, GPs and midwives



The cost of attendance is only £85 if paid online or £95 if paid by invoice to employer.



“Speakers were excellent.”

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